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Summer Road Trip - West Coast!

Summer Road Trip - West Coast!

"Travel is one of the most fun learning experiences a person can have in their lifetime. The world was made for you to see, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!"    -M


1. Fort Collins, Colorado

Pack a lunch and go hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. We stopped at Bear Lake, Estes Park, and went White Water Rafting. After a day in the mountains, we went to the Budweiser Brewery Tour for a cold one.


2. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

We spent a day and a half exploring and seeing some of the hot spots (literally) in Yellowstone. We saw Old Faithful, Geysers, waterfalls, and went for a swim in Fire Hole Canyon. If you are looking to get away from the tourist, Fire Hole Canyon is a must-do! We stayed at The Hostel in Teton Village, Jackson Hole, for $30 a night! Camping would have been fun but all the camp sights were full, I recommend arriving by 9am if you are looking to camp!


3. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

A short drive from Yellowstone, we spent one morning in Grand Teton National Park. These views are worth the short drive - they will leave you speechless!


4. San Fransisco, California

We started our day with local coffee at the cutest coffee shop, Wrecking Ball Coffee. From there, we took an Uber to the Palace of Fine Arts. From there, we walked to the Golden Gate Bridge and took some incredible photo! We opted not to bike across it, but this was a popular option for many tourist in the area. Next we went to the Painted Ladies - YOU GOT IT DUDE! We ended our day with an hour drive to Napa Valley to enjoy white wine and beautiful views.


5. Big Sur, Highway 1 - California

The roads are windy so be sure to pack your Dramamine. Roll the windows down and turn up the tunes, these views are not one you want to miss!


6. Los Angeles, California

We started the morning in Hollywood then ventured over to Venice Beach. Venice Beach had a lot to offer. From locals using the outdoor recreation facility at Muscle Beach, to aspiring skaters, you will be easily entertained in LA.


7. Las Vegas, Nevada

As they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Pools are a must-do during the day to escape the heat! We opted to go to see Calvin Harris at Omnia in the evening.


8. Horseshoe Bend, Grand Canyon, Arizona

Don't get too close or you might fall in! Pictures don't do this place justice. Absolutely incredible views and a must see in your lifetime.


9. Zion National Park, Utah

Zion is beautiful and reminded me of the Grand Canyon. Rather than looking down into the canyon, you actually are in the canyon looking up. A peaceful place for a long walk with a picnic to follow.


10. Arches National Park, Utah

We stumbled upon this National Park by mistake - but thank goodness we did! These arches are world famous for being so delicate. Stunning views that you won't see anywhere else!



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Be Brave

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There Has to Be Something More